A 10% increase in demand for Irish passports sees over 500,000 issued in first half of 2017

Ever since Brexit the demand for people of the UK to get their hands on an Irish passport has increased drastically.

Seeing the UK exit the EU means people are now just beginning to realise the implications they will now face while traveling almost anywhere in the world, but all that will be different with just one small thing – an Irish passport.

Already over half a million passports have been issued in the first half of this year – representing a 10% increase in passport applications on the year before.

The Department of Foreign Affairs says that March was a particularly busy month in comparison with 2016, with a 36.5% rise in applications in the month that the online application option was launched.

Peak demand this year was in May, when the Passport Service registered close to 97,000 passport applications during that month.

There is no denying Brexit is a huge factor in the rise of passport demands with many living in the UK starting to appreciate those Irish parents/grandparents, because of them they look set to land one of the hottest properties around.

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