South Dublin County Council say they are owed millions in rent arrears


According to figures released at this months council meeting, South Dublin County Council is owed rent arrears of over €7.5 million due to 6,807 of its tenants falling behind with their rent.

SDCC said their rental charges are reasonable and despite this tenants are still struggling to pay. They said:

“The council operates its differential rent scheme to ensure that the rent charged is reasonable and does not create hardship [or] financial difficulties.

“The rent is based on 10 per cent approximately of total net household income, with many income sources being disregarded for rent purposes.

“Notwithstanding the economic rent of 10 per cent charged under the differential rent scheme, tenants continue to fail to meet their rent obligations.”

They said arrangements are in place between SDCC and tenants to pay off the arrears in 67 per cent of cases.

According to the council, 2,960 accounts in Tallaght South were in arrears, with €3.6 million rent outstanding on gale day, February 21st.

In Clondalkin, 2,248 accounts were in arrears, with €2,696,183 rent outstanding.

The average outstanding amount in the areas of Lucan, Rathfarnham and Tallaght Central was €408,000.

In Templeogue, 150 accounts were in arrears to the value of €177,000.